Hybrid Cloud

A flexible way of combining practical applications that without running the risk of exposing potential vulnerabilities, physical maintenance costs will rise. HyperDriveHD provides secure, faster data archival solutions that exceed the expectations of the skeptical and dubious minds.

Private Deployment

Performance strictly dedicated to CPU limitations. It delivers fully rendered video at the source of repeat frame structures. HyperDriveHD will benefit the average user and the head of tomorrow’s IT department. It is specifically for high demand data archival methodology.

Public Cloud

Platform requirements use APIs for accessing externally hosted data in order to communicate with a multitude of software components integrated to broadcast content.

HyperDrive integration is a way of activating online account management for feature film and broadcast entertainment workflows. Our server is accessible online for the use and management of a single organization, ingesting content and capable of producing deliverables for the purpose of providing dedicated media management in order to eliminate multiple servers, routers, switches and IT staff. HyperDrive is dedicated to provision video on demand under one single entity, where bundled content can therefore be enjoyed for the public appreciation. Our service combines the security of SSL (HTTPS) layer management on premise of each company, integrating licensed software and infrastructure as a service with network security for the deployment of critical transport layer media assets.

What can I use HyperDrive for?

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Virtualization is a process of systematically powering multiple configured technologies with machine-to-machine networking. Virtualized infrastructure empowers video content and service providers with more agile, flexible and scalable operations, while reducing the cost for traditional network expansion options.

Service providers want more flexibility as well as speed for their customers however solutions are difficult to find. HyperDrive leverages a cost-effective scale using M2M configured networks to facilitate sustainable data transport streams over carrier networks that grant more freedom to the customers of Telecommunications and Broadband networks.

Our staff are certified, able and willing to provide our clients with the dedicated equipment to expand network activity with a stand alone head-end solution. Essential functions are carried out over carrier grade networks, deployed within a private intranetwork to maintain speed of archival flexibility. This will provide the client of broadband and telecom networks with critical prioritized data-lanes, made available, even in the last mile – on choppy slower networks.

We create additional production and publishing solutions to mitigate the complexity, as content needs to be tagged with the appropriate metadata and then pushed to a streaming platform that can deliver the right format to the right screen, which is subject to the content rights being cleared.