HyperDriveHD is a network client solution made to help distribute and regulate data over carrier & broadband congested internetworks. As a service, this (SaaS) Software as a Service offers a robust, easy to use platform which is built proudly for media sharing over networks that are compromised by active highly populated IP registered devices. In order to provide fast, secure, and optimized video distribution, Joseph Fisher (CEO) coded a simple, flexible & affordable alternative to help mitigate content stored on the APPLE iCloud and additionally other platforms in an effort to enhance the viewing experience by subscribers of various social media networks. As a company, we are advancing the network activity by expanding the allocated activity over a wide range of widely used and accepted devices. Now, you too, can provide optimized video streaming solutions from at home that contribute to bandwidth speed allotment and reduce the activity your IP consumes which aids a true benefit to the community. The HyperDriveHD application is designed for APPLE INC., devices ONLY and integrates a robust configuration designed to follow an industry standard internet protocol when preparing new emerging markets for International Data Regulation.

As a company we offer the public market a valuable and strategic opt-in experience that benefits the customers of Broadband & Telecommunication Networks, making a more sustainable internet for all. Once the application is installed on your home or network computer, you will immediately notice the difference between upload time and download times for high quality content online during prime-time hours. The use case scenario is subject to the time and viewing experience by each configured device. Today we have all become victim to either network congestion or throttling under regulation standards and this application, along with your support will help regulate the traffic across the entire spectrum. The company provides on premise technical support and advanced network tools that meet future growth targets and interpret data solutions when streaming, storing and merging video content online, primarily on new media platforms, world-wide.


HyperDrive aims to provide network expansion and engineering under a classified consulting practice and claims to be data regulation complicit to broadcast and online network rulings by the CRTC, FCC and additionally international regulatory commissions. The company primary objective aims to streamlines Major Motion Picture Post-Production and Delivery, strategically aligned with an integrated alternative to facilitate distribution and advanced video compression for new channel development.

In an execution to commercialize media assets for public viewing on any device, we have proven that the management of equipment and operations is time sensitive and policy long overdue, when taking precautionary security measures. Over the displacement of new media technology and the ongoing development of broadband service regulations, we will be the most important step in immediate communication services, since the invention of wireless broadcast and FTP. As a service provider for Major Motion Pictures, we have placed our selves at the forefront of the most connected media experience in the world, our personal device. Our goal is to distribute high quality video in the shortest period of time without exceeding the limits of service offerings. This is to be achieved by partnering up with international telecommunication companies, whether private or government run. In so doing, we can offer all our customers the most legal route to high quality transmissions wherever they are, with any service provider, complicit with our regulated terms & conditions.

The integration of a network HyperDrive can provide solutions to help monetize and gain new market share under an intellectual property agreement providing digital rights and management systems in accordance with HyperDrive Corporate Bylaws, the Electronic Stored Communications Act and any other Act as part of acceptance to the “Terms and Conditions” of our services.

 Now Introducing HyperDriveHD!

Now Introducing HyperDriveHD!