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Transcoding with Performance Optimization and Advanced Media Delivery

Network Compression

Integrated, holistic approach to movie delivery and archival for licensed content built to sustain activity on any network.

Media Transcoding

Content batch provisioning enables a smart device to access delivery networks to promote the expansion of broadband & telecom infrastructure.

License Management

Digital rights management and geoblocking attributes help prevent the piracy and unauthorized transport stream from accessing sensitive content.

Data Security

HyperDrive security services operate at the head of the network, making it possible to identify and mitigate threats faster than 3rd party solutions.

Redundancy Servers

Our platform was designed to integrate emerging technologies to ensure our customers receive the highest quality of video delivery today & tomorrow.

P2P Management

Whether online or over the top on your mobile, customers get bit-rate efficiency and global standard encoding for minimal bandwidth consumption.

Accelerated Formating

High density, multi-format video transcoding for major motion pictures and broadcast media workflow.

Delivery Solutions

Video-On-Demand catalogue containment with batch processing and integrated network support backup with redundancy server solutions.

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